Tomme cheese made from raw milk

A refined taste

Area of origin: production of the milk and the making of the cheese take place exclusively in the Valais, either in a cheese dairy or in the mountain pastures.

Composition: Tomme is a semi hard cheese from the mountains, made from full cream untreated cow’s milk.

Appearance, taste/flavour: The tomme is a wheel 12 to 20 cm in diameter weighing from  600 gr to 1kg. The duration of the maturing time is between 1 to 2 months. With a semi-hard consistency, tomme has vegetal and fruity notes with a milky flavour. This speciality has a refined taste.

To enjoy: On a cheeseboard or as an accompaniment to a brisolée (chestnuts and cheese dish).

Seasonality: year round

Conditions and length of preservation: 1 to 2 weeks in the refrigerator. It is advisable to place the cheese at room temperature half an hour before eating it.


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