An apple from the Valais a day, keeps the doctor away !

Area of origin: Canton of Valais

Composition: apples contain vitamins and mineral salts, with few calories, but rich in fibre and very thirst-quenching.

Appearance, taste/flavour: red, green or yellow, crunchy, juicy, sweet, sharp …each variety is different so that everyone can find one to match their taste.

Production: the Valais brand guarantees conformity with the size, colouration, firmness and sugar content as well as adherence to strict social and environmental norms.

To enjoy: At any time of the day, fresh or cooked.

Seasonality: mid August to the end of June.

Conditions and length of preservation: A few days at room temperature, several weeks in a cool and dark storage room. 

The apple like the pear is a demanding species when it comes to its cultivation. The level of professionalism in Valais is particularly high, where the job of arboriculturist became quite common in the area from the beginning of the19th century.

Due to the favourable composition of the soil and the climate, the species cultivated in the Valais can be distinguished from those of other regions by their distinctive colouration. (FR/DE)


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