Fruity, sparkling and light

Region of origin : the canton of Valais

Appearance, taste/flavours : this new drink is intended for adult consumers, both the connoisseurs and the curious. Thirst-quenching, fruity, sparkling and light, “Eris” cider takes its name from Greek mythology, according to which Eris, the goddess of discord, indirectly brings about  the Trojan War. Her instrument of mischief-making was a golden apple.

Production : only one  variety of apple, “Antarès”, is used to make “Eris” cider; it is a rustic variety, richly fragrant, with an ideal sweet and sour taste balance. This variety is also intended to be more environmentally friendly. It possesses a natural resistance to the main disease of apple tree  which results in a drastic reduction of its ecological impact (CO2 emissions).

“Eris” cider is an innovation signed “Les Fruits de Martigny”  

To be enjoyed : “Eris” cider can be drunk as an aperitif, as an accompaniment to certain dishes or even on more festive occasions.

Seasonal availability : all year round

Storage conditions : store in a cool, dry and, where possible, dark place. 


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