Valais apricots, the sun in your plate !

Area of origin: Canton of Valais 

Composition: The apricot is rich in vitamins especially beta-carotene, an antioxidant which protects the skin from the effects of the atmosphere and the sun. It increases the body’s natural defences.

Appearance, taste/flavour: orangey yellow colour, velvety skin, plump flesh, sweet and perfumed.

Production: the Valais brand guarantees conformity with the size and minimum levels of sugar as well as adherence to strict social and environmental norms.

To enjoy: any time of the day, fresh or cooked. Apricots can be prepared in many ways.

Seasonality: Summer - from mid-June until the end of August

Conditions and length of preservation: Best eaten on the day of purchase. They can be kept up to 24 hours in the refrigerator. May also be frozen, dried or preserved in alcohol.

There are many varieties which ripen at different times, so it is possible to have the fruits throughout the summer !

The first ones to come on the market are the Orangered and Vick Royal types, followed by the Goldrich/Jumbo Cot and Luizet, then by the later varieties, such as Bergarouge, Kioto, Bergeron or Tardif de Tain.

The Luizet type is particularly fragile and should not be transported.

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