High pastures lamb

Tender and wild…To enjoy: the meat is especially recommended for barbecues Seasonality: Spring - Summer Conditions and length of preservation: 4-5 days in the refrigerator Recipe:  Valais...


Valais honey charms you with its sweetness…To enjoy: at breakfast or for a snack, on a slice of AOC Valais rye bread, in herbal tea, in a cake, a sauce … Seasonality: year...

IGP Valais dried meat

Born from nature and the ingenuity of the mountain peopleTo enjoy: for the aperitif, accompanied by AOC Valais rye bread and gherkins, on a valaisanne plate and in a carpaccio. Seasonality: year...

jam and jelly

To brighten up your breakfast and your snack!To enjoy: for breakfast or as a snack, on a slice of AOC Valais rye bread or in a cake. Seasonality: seasonal production Conditions and length...


A vitamin cocktailTo be enjoyed both fresh and cooked. Plums can be prepared in many different ways. Seasonal availability : Thanks to the new varieties, the harvest period now extends from...


Indispensable in every racletteTo enjoy: potatoes can be prepared in many ways, such as röstis, chips, gratinated or mashed. The Charlotte variety of potato and new potatoes in general are...

Raclette du Valais cheese AOP

A source of pleasure and convivialityTo enjoy: Ready to use in many different ways: scraped, cut into pieces or thinly sliced Seasonality: year round Conditions and length of preservation:...


Valais raspberries, it’s obvious !To enjoy: at any time of day, fresh or cooked Seasonality: July-August Conditions and length of preservation: should be eaten quickly after picking or...

Raw ham IGP and bacon IGP

Prepared traditionallyTo enjoy: during the aperitif, with a plate of IGP Valais dried meat, with AOC Valais Rye bread and gherkins, on a  Valaisanne plate, and as an accompaniment to a...

Serac cheese

Simply cheeseTo enjoy: On a cheeseboard or on a Valaisanne plate Recipe: Tart of mountain sérac cheese and tomato Seasonality: year round Conditions and length of...



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