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Croute with AOP Valais Raclette cheese

In a pan fry the slices of bread in the butter to a golden brown. Place them in a dish and gently sprinkle over some Fendant. Cover the bread with some slices of cheese (0.5-1cm thickness). Place in a pre-heated oven and leave the cheese to melt (250°C for approximately 10 minutes). Serve...

Entrecote beef steak

Preparation and cooking: Cook each vegetable in hot salted water making sure that each remains crunchy. Refresh them immediately to ensure that they keep their nice colour. Put a shallot in a little bit of sugar and water without peeling it over a low heat, as well as the cherry tomatoes in a...

Goat's cheese croustade

Preparation and cooking: Preheat the oven to 220°C. Butter the gratin dishes and place the toasted slices of bread in the bottom. Cover the bread with the grated cheese divided into four portions. Pour over the full cream. Put in the oven and leave until the cheese has melted, without...

IGP Valais dried meat carpaccio

Cut the dried meat into thin slices Wash and trim the pears, then cut into thin slices without removing the skin. Put the rebibes cheese through a cheese slicer or cut very fine slices by hand. Preparation of the dish: Place the slices of dried meat and pears on to a plate. Sprinkle over some of...

Lamb fillet flambéed in AOP apricot brandy accompanied by an AOP Reinthaler Ribelmais corn pancake with AOP Gruyère cheese

Begin by making the AOC Rheintaler Ribelmais corn pancake Heat the full-fat milk with the butter, a bay leaf and some salt. Add the Ribelmais stirring constantly. Cook the mixture and let the corn swell for 15 to 20 minutes. During this time finely chop the thyme. Mix the egg yolk with the AOC...

Saviesan cake

Place all the ingredients and the cut vegetables in layers on the short crust pastry base which has been placed on a baking tray and pierced with a fork. The garnish must not form a pyramid but has to be well flattened before the puff pastry cover is put on. The egg white is used to seal the...

Valais Raclette

Cook the potatoes in their jackets. Clean the cheese by lightly scraping the rind. Turn the raclette oven on. Place the cheese under the oven at a distance of about 6 cm. When the surface of the cheese has melted, scrape with a knife whilst tilting the cheese towards the bottom, on to the...

Valaisanne plate

Usually served with gherkins, spring onions, quarters of tomatoes and butter. This dish is served on a small wooden board or on a plate. It can be enjoyed as a main course, a delicious starter, a convivial snack or as an accompaniment during the aperitif. Drink: A dry white wine like a Fendant...

“Salee” tart from the Val d'Illiez

Preparation of the sweet pastry dough Sieve the flour into a terrine dish, make a hole in the centre and pour in the yeast mixed with a little warm milk. Pour over the rest of the warm milk, the egg, sugar, softened butter, salt and lemon zest. Mix everything until a smooth mixture is...


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