apricot brandy AOP

Its pure taste amazes your senses…

Area of origin: Canton of Valais

Composition: Apricot brandy or apricot eau-de-vie is made from at least 90% Luizet apricots. This variety, which is cultivated in the Valais, is ideal for eau-de-vie because of its intense aroma. Other varieties may also be included but to a maximum of 10%. The minimal alcohol content is 40% by volume.

Appearance, taste/flavour: the eau-de-vie is clear, has a strong apricot taste with a hint of almond.

To enjoy: After a good meal, as a dessert with an apricot sorbet, in a cocktail or a cake.

Seasonality: available year round

Suggested serving temperature: 8 to 12° C.

Conditions and length of preservation: indeterminate, should be stored in a dry place, away from the light. 

The tradition of distillation of fruit alcohol has been established in Valais for a long time. The introduction of the Luizet apricot goes as far back as 1838.

This ancient variety of apricot with its juicy, smooth and delicate flesh fits perfectly with the Valais region, which is well-known for its warm and sunny lands.

The AOP label guarantees the origins of the fruits and the process of distillation. All eau-de-vie are blind tasted and are subject to chemical analysis before earning the right to carry the label. (FR/DE) (FR)


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