Goat's cheese

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Area of origin: production of the milk and of the cheese takes place exclusively in the Valais, either in a cheese dairy or in a mountain pasture.

Composition: goat’s milk can be used raw or pasteurised. After being moulded, the cheeses are sometimes sprinkled with a fine powder of charcoal ashes, when they become known as “ashed” cheeses. Some cheeses will be eaten fresh after being drained whilst others will be kept for further maturing.

Size, weight: quite variable, however they are normally small cheeses.

Appearance, taste/flavour: the different kinds of processing, particularly variations in the maturing period, lead to a great variety of tastes, flavours and textures.

To enjoy: on a cheese board, with a salad or prepared.

Recipe:  goat’s cheese croustade

Seasonality: throughout the year Conditions and length of preservation

Conditions and length of preservation: in the refrigerator, from a few days to a few weeks.


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