Herens meat

An authentic taste on your palate

Area of origin: the Hérens breed of animals is raised in the Valais. The meat is sold by  butchers and restaurant owners who are members of the “Fleur d'Hérens, Viande du Valais” network.

Composition: fresh beef meat

Appearance, taste/flavour: the maturation period ensures that meat of good quality is offered to consumers.

Production: the animals are brought to the high mountain pastures in the summer. In the winter, their basic fodder must come from the farm itself. The food is certified GMO free. Transportation and slaughter take place in the Valais whilst the legislation on animal protection is respected.

To enjoy: for a meal at home or in a “Saveurs du Valais” restaurant

Seasonal nature: throughout the year

Conditions and length of preservation: 4-5 days in the refrigerator (FR/DE)


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