The Flavours and Artisans Markets, 24 - 26.11.17

The Flavours and Artisans Markets will satisfy your curiosity. On one side, the flavours will delight your taste buds and on the other side, crafts will reveal itself as original and creative. Come and share a friendly moment, discover new talents and taste authentic flavours! More information  

Raclette du Valais AOP

The Raclette du Valais AOP cheese is made out of raw milk and gets its unique taste from the old tradition and know-how of our cheese makers. AOP raclette cheese is made according to the rules of the protected designation of origin label. To taste and to buy without waiting! More information (FR/DE)

Calendar of fights of the Queens in Valais

As soon as winter takes its leave cow-fighting fever takes a hold on Valais. Released from their stalls, the cows are ready to face any challengers in order to establish the hierarchy within the herd. Fighting cows are unique in their kind, just as much as the joyful folk festivals that surround the cow-fighting competitions. Regional elimination heats are held from the end of March culminating...

The Valais hamper

The Valais hamper is for everyone who is willing to offer a unique gift made of AOP-IGP products from Valais. 3 different sizes are available.  The Valais hamper   Contact: Julian Dorsaz Tel: 076 496 19 50 E-mail: Open: 10am-8.30pm – 7/7 Order 24 hours in advance

AOP Valais rye bread – so tasty!

AOP Valais rye bread, baked by master bakers, ensures that rye will continue to be grown in Valais, conserving the landscape. It creates a very valuable link between farmers, bakers and consumers. AOP Valais rye bread still looks the same today as it did 100 years ago. It is just as tasty and contains a lot of dietary fibre. More information about AOP Valais rye bread


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Chestnuts Pancakes

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